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DIY Vacuum Tube Devices

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DIYtubes is a sub dedicated to the discussion and appreciation of vacuum tubes and their applications.

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Low Voltage (<50V)

Power Amplifiers


Phono Preamps

Headphone Amps

Nixie Clocks

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General Guidelines

Please be awesome to your fellow DIYers. Please be safe with high voltage (see wiki). Please remember to include link flair on your posts. Please have fun. Updoots only.

The kinds of things that make this sub better:

  • links to documented tube projects

  • links to excellent design information or tools

  • questions about tubes or troubleshooting

  • pictures of sexy stuff you built

  • including link flair on your posts

Stuff that makes this sub less than awesome:

  • debates about solid state vs tubes

  • links to commercial tube products (unless DIY related)

  • not citing or crediting designers

  • not including schematics or design information

  • browbeating the newbies

These guidelines are not meant to censor discussion. They are meant to ensure that /r/DIYtubes becomes a focused sub.

See here for more on our rules.

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>######Check out our sister-subs /r/diysound for speakers and solid-state and /r/headphonemods for headphone DIY!

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