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| | | |-|-| |1. No posts that are not related to Doge|This is subreddit for mainly Kabosu-related (the "original" doge) content, but other animals are allowed (and photoshops with Doge).| |2. Dogecoin posts are not allowed here, but Dogecoin/cypto-tipping is encouraged|Do not post anything related to the cryptocurrency called Dogecoin here. You may freely tip Dogecoins using /u/dogetipbot, but, please, do not ask questions or make posts about Dogecoin/other cryptocurrencies. Go to /r/dogecoin for dogecoin, /r/bitcoin for bitcoin, etc... Go to /r/dogetipbot or /r/changetip to learn how to give tips.| |3. No personal information|Do not doxx other people, and do not link to anything hosted on Facebook servers, as you can easily track the content to original account holder. Any personal information should be censored.| |4. No gore or porn|Go to /r/sexwithdogs or something instead, you sicko.| |5. Please report post breaking subreddit or site wide rules|Leave a detailed reason when reporting, if possible.| |6. Such wow, many fun, very reddit|Sorry for the serious rules :<|

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