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Domestic Violence

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/r/DomesticViolence : Are you being abused? We have resources for you. Are you are survivor? We want to hear from you. We offer support and resources.

> If you are involved in a domestic violence situation, please call 1.800.799.SAFE. The National Domestic Violence Hotline has US nationwide referrals.

Let us suggest you take a look at:

> # Rules and regulations

> In here, we’re not talking about men versus women or women versus men. We’re talking about violence versus peace. We’re talking about control versus respect. It's about helping the victims and hearing from the survivors.

> * This sub is about helping people in need - if you aren't doing that, through abuse, meta arguments or going off on pointless tangents your comments will be removed.

> * Feel free to ask questions. If you need emotional support, we are here for you.

> * If you're asking a question, please provide pertinent details: ages, genders, length of relationship, living arrangements, children, etc. Details will help us, help you.

> Submitters

> * Use proper English, capitalized, accurate spelling and grammar, and lots of line breaks. Clear, well composed posts get read, and are more likely to receive good advice and encourage discussion.

> * Please put relevant information in your title, so people know something about your problem or discussion point before they click. Please try to avoid all caps. *

> * Do not repost removed material. It was removed for a reason.

> * Don't feed the trolls. Report them.

> * And most importantly, abuse, bigotry, misogyny, and misandry are not tolerated in our community. Offenders will be removed without comment or warning.

> Any questions, comments, or suggestions regarding the subreddit may be directed to the moderators.

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