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Doppelbangher: Pornstar Look-alikes

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Find a pornstar look-alike based on the image you post.


Please report posts that break these rules. This really helps clean up the sub.

In an effort to combat spam, only links from imgur/gfycat are currently being allowed.

  • The image you post must be of a female who is 18 years or older.

  • Include [REQUEST] in your title if you're requesting for a look-alike. When requesting, provide a direct link to a picture or gallery. (use

  • Include [FOUND] If you're posting a celebrity look-alike, post it as an image link with a picture of each girl side-by-side (or imgur gallery with multiple images). Title should look like this: [FOUND] Celebrity - Pornstar

When posting images, please make sure the thumbnail image is clothed

Note: Adding a 1 week min temp ban to this rule.

Submissions with "school" in the title will be removed. (even if the pics are "of age")

No titles or comments that show your direct relationship with your request.

Lewd titles will be removed


  • If you are going to post a picture from Facebook make sure the girl in the picture can't be traced back (i.e. save it, and upload to

  • If the picture contains any information that can be used to trace someone (college name/colors, address etc.) censor it.

  • Posting personal information, as well as revenge porn will result in a ban. (Revenge porn is sexually explicit media that is distributed without the consent of the individual involved.)

Please be aware of how someone might feel about finding their picture here. Yes, I am trying to guilt you as the results of which are usually unpleasant.

Don't post insulting comments to requests. This will lead to removed posts and possibly a ban depending on severity.

Posts with the intention of creating drama will be removed.

If the person in the image requests removal, it will be obliged.

Reports not accompanied by a reason will be ignored.

My post doesn't appear in the "new" tab

Follow these steps and we'll try to fix it.

  1. Make sure it's following the guidelines
  2. Message the moderators about it

If your question can be answered by reading the guidelines. You may not get a response.

Bots and karma farmers will be banned on sight

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