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/r/doujinshi - hentai with a storyline

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A place to post Japanese-style doujinshi.

Content Guidelines

>Licensed content

>If the content is licensed outside of Japan, don’t post it here unless you own the license. No exceptions.


>Please do not post links advertising other subreddits or content aggregation websites. X-posts, however, are fine.

>Underage Participants

>All posts are subject to review by the moderation team. Underage content will be removed. If you feel content does not belong, please message us.

>Submission Titles

>Titles to submissions should be as descriptive about the content as reasonably possible. If the artist or source material is known, please tag it at the end of your submission title. Gag, clickbait and shitposting titles will be handled on a case-by-case basis.

>Submission Quantity

>If you post a significant amount of content at one time or shares a common theme, please consider posting the images in an album. Posts will be removed without warning if there is an unjustified flood by a single user. Please be considerate of other submitters.


>Want to make a request? Check out these resources! first. Otherwise, all other forms of requests belong in the weekly sticky thread. This includes sourcing down a specific work, to asking for suggestions on similar content.

>Any Other Concern

>Please message the moderators by clicking here if you have any questions, concerns, or comments. We welcome any feedback.

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