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Downblouse Pics/Vids (/r/downblouse)

Post your pictures and videos of downblouses, nip slips, pokies and cleavage!

DISCLAIMER: All photos are presumed to be legal and taken with the permission of the person being photographed, even those that appear to be candid. If you are or know a person in the photo and have reason to believe they were obtained illegally or in violation of state or federal law, please provide us with the proper verifiable evidence and we will remove the photo.

The person depicted in any suggestive pose (all of ours) must be AT LEAST 18 years of age or older. There is a ZERO tolerance policy for underage pictures and those submissions will be deleted and action will be taken accordingly.

No picture hosts that use pop-ups please. (imgur is good)

UPDATE: 12/19/2013 I have nothing against tumblr or any other site like that (so long as there is no malware) but link to the direct image.

If you like, you may PM me or the mods in general requesting permission to do tumblr/pintrest links if your page is mainly downblouse/upblouse/cleavage material. We will give you a flair that will let us know that you have been preapproved to do this.

Approval is easy, ill literally just check out the page and if it seems good, flair is yours.

For anyone who is not approved or just doesnt apply, you may put your direct tumblr link in the comments section (the point of this is not to make you lose money, but to improve the subjective user experience) so that people can visit it if they choose and see what you have to offer.

TL;DR If your link is not to a video and does not end in .jpg/.png/.gif or whatever image format you choose to use, don't post it.

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