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> Please read the FAQ before posting

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r/dubsteps list of labels if you're looking for tunes!

Any thread breaking these rules will be removed with extreme prejudice:

  1. Track/Mix submissions must have the Artist and Title of the track/mix.

  2. All production related topics should be addressed to /r/edmproduction.

  3. Be respectful and eloquent when stating your opinions. It's ok to criticize a track but it is not ok to be an asshat about it.

  4. Refrain from posting links to illegal content—this is not the place for file sharing.

  5. No memes, pictures, "dance videos," or content that isn't directly related to the music.

  6. No playlists. If you want to share particular tracks, post them individually—don’t be lazy. Full albums are okay as long as the playlist contains just a single album.

  7. Dubstep ONLY. If it doesn't have sub-bass, or a 2-step beat, chances are it doesn't belong here. If you can listen to it on your phone speaker, it's probably not Dubstep.

  8. No blogs unless they add something of significance to the track/EP/album (like an interview with the artist).

For a more in-depth explanation of the above rules, check the wiki.

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What is dubstep?

Dubstep vs Drumstep: A basic guide to telling the difference

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