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Welcome! Please read our FAQ before submitting. |For Sale/Trade | Digital Code Exchange

Submission Guidelines

Proper Flair is required after you make your post. If your post does not have flair, it will be added for you. Any posts related to digital codes or selling movies will be removed. Reply in the latest [Digital Code Exchange] or [For Sale] post instead.

For information on the appropriate Post Flair and how to apply please consult the Post Flair section of the FAQ.

Posting Your Collection

Posting your collection for the first time? Please read the FAQ before.

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Have one or more releases for sale? Post them here!

Digital Code Exchange

Have an UltraViolet or Digital Code to give away or trade? Post it here!

Spoiler Tags

DO NOT put spoilers in post topics and use the spoiler tag in comments if needed:

[The Joker is a clown](/spoiler)

Map of Collectors

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What's in the Prize Vault?
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Technical FAQs


  • Asking that someone give you a code will result in you being banned without warning.
  • Asking people if they're going to be using their codes on their pickup posts will result in you being banned too. It's none of your business.
  • Since someone we recently caught wants to be a dickhead about being banned, further explanation of the rule is available in our wiki and has been there for quite some time.

Common discussion threads

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Common Questions

  • It seems that a lot of people didn't see the old "What's Happening" thread that included this information.
  • It has been moved to the sidebar HERE for more visibility.

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