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Who and what is /r/dyke? /r/dyke is:

  • A place for women to find NSFW and LGBT-oriented sexy/smutty/blush-worthy/scandalous/tantalizing/erotic/explicit/real/in your face/on your face/sizzling/hot/wet depictions of queer/butch/andro/genderfuck/femme people. And more!
  • sex-positive, trans-positive, kink-positive and strongly against body-shaming
  • different from mainstream heteronormative porn
  • accepting of people of various genders and sexualities

r/dyke is not:

  • male-identified
  • mainstream girl-on-girl
  • exploitative, under-aged or criminal. No content featuring minors!
  • safe for work (or Facebook)
  • the cutesy smoochy pics that are frequently reblogged on Tumblr

Porn policy: we know and enjoy actual lesbian sex when we see it (we bet you do, too.) If it's not authentic lesbian sex (for example, if it is mainstream girl-on-girl with all its clichés and bad acting) we think it's better off somewhere else on this beautiful porn-filled internet of ours. Thanks!

Images that do not meet the standards of the moderators may be removed in order to prevent this small slice of heaven from being overrun by passionless smut.


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