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Bloop | Drop-down ---|--- Please read our FAQ| for a break-down of our rules, and examples. If you violate the rules, you will be banned.|Bans are considered routine, and intended to get you to read this sidebar. If your method of accessing /r/eFreebies doesn't show the sidebar, you're still accountable to follow the rules. If you have been banned, please send us a modmail|and note which rule you broke (so we know we are on the same page), and we will unban you.

Rules: ^(Hover for more info)

. | . ---|--- 1. No physical freebies | Post those in /r/Freebies. 2. No contests | Post those in /r/contest. 3. No referral links ^(You will be banned!) | DON'T DO IT. NO EXCEPTIONS. 4. No questions, discussions, or received posts | Post those in /r/freebietalk or at least keep it to AutoModerator's monthly stickied post. 5. Nothing that costs any money to obtain | Post these in /r/NearlyFreebies. 6. No class action lawsuits | Those can go on /r/CALsettlements. 7. Nothing that doesn't directly lead to obtaining something for free | No freebies should have requirements akin to "all you have to do is spend hours on this site." 8. Nothing that at least 100 people can't get | No single-use codes/coupons nor "come to my house for this free thing." Post these in /r/SingleUseCodes or /r/ecycle. 9. No verbose text, cluttered links, links to click trackers, nor links to freebie sites | Link directly to the freebie, not to a freebie site nor blog nor click tracker, and keep the link minimal with no extra ?utm=- or ref=-like content. Any description should also ideally not be longer than the name of the item being given away itself. 10. Nothing that is free forever throughout the universe | Only temporarily or recently free giveaways are allowed here; share permanent ones at /r/FREE (or else we'd get endless clutter!). 11. Nothing illegal! | No pirated stuff, or illegally getting a service for free. 12. Please flair your posts | Thanks /u/KorbanDidIt for the guide. 13. No future-dated giveaways | Wait for the item to be available right at the time of posting. The subreddit is filled with steady contributions as it is. 14. Link-submitting accounts need a minimum account-history ratio of 10:1 | ... of total general posts/comments throughout Reddit versus the material that they are linking to here. This prevents spam accounts from leeching off of the /r/eFreebies community without participating anywhere else on Reddit.

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