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we don't actually know what sandwiches are

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Welcome to eatsandwiches!

We have just a few rules, please take a moment to read them before posting.


  1. Post sandwiches. We don't actually know what a sandwich is, but you can read this. Basically, if you submit something between pieces of dough, it's a sandwich. Burgers, hot dogs, tortas, open face, pita, tacos, calzones etc are all welcome.

  2. We love seeing sandwiches you've made, or unique offerings from sandwich joints. Your sandwich doesn't have to be homemade, but please do not post anything common or corporate. Posts featuring sandwiches from mass market chain restaurants and fast food joints will be removed.

  3. We're here to salivate over yummy sandwiches. Being a dick is not on the agenda. If you can't refrain from being a dick and smack talking someone or their sandwich, you will be banned. Don't be a dick.

  4. We strongly prefer image links. Links to blogs and other third party websites are strongly discouraged and will probably be removed. If you think you have an exception, please message the moderators before posting for approval.

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Thanks, guys!

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