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Electronic Dance Music Production

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This subreddit is for those wishing to discuss electronic dance music production.

Please report threads and comments that violate the following rules:

Be respectful

  • No flame wars, disrespect based on music preference, condescension based on level of experience, or tactless posts stereotyping any group of people will be tolerated.

Stay relevant

  • Please submit only content and discussion that is relevant to music production.

No memes/low-effort content

  • Keep it productive, intelligent, intelligible, and constructive.

No spam or self-promotion

  • Spam & non-constructive promotion outside of the Marketplace Thread will be removed. We defer to reddit's rules for what constitutes spam. If you're posting a video or article on behalf of a company, you're doing it wrong. If you want to give away samples or project files, use a direct link in lieu of download-gates.

No piracy or illegal content

  • Discussion of piracy is fine; advocating, asking for, or giving advice on how to pirate is not. Two day ban on first offense, permanent ban thereafter.

No "drama posts"

  • This is not the place for posts about people stealing songs from other artists or producers using ghost writers, etc. This is a community for the technical aspects of production and for production discussion, not drama.

No "motivation posts"

  • Low-effort "motivational" submissions will be removed, simply because they are not related to production. We do make exceptions to some threads that create insightful discussion.

Use the weekly threads

  • If you need feedback, use the weekly feedback thread (see sticky posts). If you want to create a specific sound or find a sample, we have a weekly thread for that too.

If you're new to producing, read the Newbie FAQ. Search the subreddit and resources before making a post.

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Check the dropdown menu above the posts!

Post not showing up?

If it's not against the rules, it may have gotten caught in the automated spam filter. Message the moderators with a link to the thread and we will approve it.

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