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Electronic Dance Music Production

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This subreddit is for those wishing to discuss electronic dance music production.

Please report threads and comments that violate the following rules:

Be respectful

  • Posts and comments are expected to be civil, even when there are disagreements. No flame wars, disrespect, condescension based on level of experience, or tactless posts stereotyping any group of people will be tolerated. If you disagree with something, make your case politely. Repeated or egregious offenses will be countered with a ban.

Stay relevant

  • Please submit only content and discussion that is specifically relevant to music production. If your thread is only tangentially related, it is probably considered off-topic. If your thread is vague, unclear, or easily answered by searching ("does anyone else...?" "Any suggestions for...?") it may be removed.

No memes/low-effort content

  • Keep it productive, intelligent, intelligible, and constructive.

No spam or self-promotion

  • Spam & self-promotion (outside of the Marketplace thread, where ads are encouraged) will be removed. Users posting links to tracks for views or feedback, soliciting/offering services, promoting fan pages, using follow-gates/download-gates, or otherwise benefiting financially from the sub will be banned for a day and informed to read the rules. If you're not sure if your post will fit or not, message the moderators.

No piracy or illegal content

  • Advocating, asking for, or giving advice on how to pirate is prohibited. Linking to piracy-centric subs also prohibited. 7 day ban on first offense, permanent ban thereafter.

No "drama posts"

  • This is not the place for posts about discovering people stealing songs from other artists or producers using ghost writers, etc. This is a community for the technical aspects of production and for production discussion, not drama. If your post is calling someone out for something, it's probably not appropriate here.

No "motivation posts"

  • Lower-effort "motivational" threads asking how to get through an artistic slump may be removed because they've been answered quite a few times before. Use the subreddit search, read the Ira Glass quote, or check out other subreddits such as /r/getmotivated. We occasionally will make exceptions to threads that create insightful discussion.

Use the weekly threads

  • Weekly Threads are listed in the top bar. All postings of your own music (thread or comment) for any reason should go in the Feedback thread. All products/services should go in the Marketplace Thread. Collab calls should go in the Collaboration Thread. Questions that don't warrant a thread go in the "There Are No Stupid Questions" Thread. Violations of this rule will result in a 1-day ban.

Use clear and concise titles

  • The purpose of your post must be clear by reading your title. Threads that do not conform will be removed without notice. Mods will not look at the content of the post before the removal. Make the title clear and concise.* *

If you're new to producing, read the Newbie FAQ. Search the subreddit and resources before making a post.

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If you believe your post or comment was removed in error, check the rules and include a link in a polite message to the moderators.

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