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Electric Daisy Carnival

May 18, 19, 20 - Las Vegas, NV

A place for news and discussion regarding Electric Daisy Carnival Las Vegas.


  • NO sex or drug solicitation, keep things clean!
  • NO promoting or advertising
  • NO buying or selling tickets, use /r/EDCTickets
  • NO spam
  • NO Vertical Videos
  • PLEASE limit drug talk. Any content promoting or recommending drug use, and discussion on sourcing, transporting, or concealing drugs will be deleted. Attempting to buy or sell drugs will results in an immediate and permanent ban.
  • PLEASE flair your post!
  • Visit Erowid, DanceSafe , or the appropriate subreddit (/r/drugs) for more information on safe drug use.

Official EDC Links

EDC Website

reddit Facebook group

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Useful Links:

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  • ProTips & FAQ
  • Any ticket sales MUST be for face value or they will be deleted. Posts must include price.
  • Questions about buying/selling? View this FAQ
  • Only ONE box of goodies comes with your order whether it's one ticket or 10.
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