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Welcome to /r/electricians

Reddit's International Electrical Worker Community

aka The Great Reddit Council of Electricians

Talk shop, show off pictures of your work, get general help, and ask code related questions. Help your fellow Redditors crack the electrical code.



  • Don't be a dick, and adhere to the reddiquette

  • Read the sidebar before posting.

  • Blatant incorrect information or unsafe advice will result with a ban.

  • DO NOT post any personal information. This includes company names of contractors.

  • No union vs non union debates.

  • No advertising of any kind. Ex. Blogs, YouTube channels, Items for sale.

  • Back it up with a code reference.

Help / DIY Rules

  • Read the FAQ threads before posting those topics.

  • SPECIFY YOUR COUNTRY Otherwise, you will be assumed American


  • Describe your situation with as many details as possible and all materials used.

  • Stay safe

Posts that fail to meet above requirements will be removed.

Self Help / DIY Disclaimer

It is always the best idea to get a qualified electrician to complete any work you need done. That being said, as of right now, you are allowed to seek how-to advice. This subreddit, and anyone posting, is NOT responsible for any of the work you do.

Before you message a Mod for advice, we encourage you to create a new post and ask the community.

Frequently asked questions

Two-prong outlets



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Misc tips and tricks

Becoming an apprentice?

US IBEW thread

First year advice

Interview questions

Interview questions II

General: What to expect

What to know before you start

Clothing to purchase (Union)

Clothing II

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Some good information


Veto Pro Pac Trade School Program

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