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Email Ninjas Unite!

Welcome! This subreddit is a place to share tips on all things email, including: discussion about email clients & personal emailing, email marketing, building HTML emails, fighting spam, and safe sending practices! No affiliate links, see rules below for promotional content.

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Follow our Twitter @redditEmail or Tumblr for a live submission feed (just unmoderated bot accounts for now, wanna help out?)

># How it Works Question about Email? Submit a post above and add the "Open Question" link flair to your submission-don't forget to mark it "Answered" later or we'll have to do it! > ** Working in the Email Industry? Awesome, here are some subreddit treats: First, a "Service Provider" user flair for you to distinguish yourself with; Second, an "Industry News" link flair to help your link submissions stand out. Since email ninjas all hate spam, we only allow submission of content-rich articles or posts, not home/pricing/landing pages.

># Related Reddits > Tech discussion over at /r/Technology > For non-email marketing discussion, check out /r/Marketing >* Stuck & need computer related help to get your email working? Try picking the brains over at /r/TechSupport

Note: While this subreddit IS open to link submissions from the blogs/etc. of ESPs (Email Service Providers) and other industry brands, this isn't the place for promotional posts - guides, news, tips, etc. are all great though!

> #i <3 privacy group >Submissions which promote/link to sites that encourage or sell services that assist spamming (or teach spammy practices) will be removed - this includes the selling or sharing of email lists. Keep this subreddit a place for useful & fresh content, & our inboxes clean too!

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