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What is /r/engineering for?

1) Sharing information, knowledge, experience related to the principles and practice of all types of engineering: civil, structural, mechanical, electrical, aerospace, chemical, computer, environmental, etc.

2) Questions about current engineering projects you are working on, how to interpret codes and standards, and industry practice are all encouraged. Engineers should help each other to make the world a safer and better place.

3) Images related to engineering are accepted provided they are relevant to engineering. Completed projects, destructive test results, and unique machinery and hardware are all acceptable and encouraged. Lead-in comments are encouraged to provide context to the readers.

Please see this flow chart for help on where to post.


1) Questions related to school or university aren't allowed, try /r/EngineeringStudents. Asking for help on homework at any level will result in an instant ban. DON'T DO IT.

2) Questions about 'how something works' aren't allowed, try /r/AskEngineers.

3) Questions about major selection, careers, salaries, resumes, and office politics should be posted in the GENERAL threads that are posted daily. Job postings/wanted ads should be placed in the weekly CAREERS thread. Do not post these topics outside of those threads. The general rule of thumb is this: if your question does not involve the principles and practice of engineering, it belongs in the daily GENERAL threads.

4) No self-promotion or blog-spam of any kind.

5) No memes or image macros.

6) No low-effort posts. This includes jokes, puns, etc.

7) Keep discussion civil. Overly insulting or crass comments will be removed, multiple violations will lead to ban.

8) No sensationalised titles.

9) Posts about 9/11 are blacklisted. Why?

If you are still unsure, please see this flow chart before posting.

Kickstarter / Crowdfunding

You are allowed a single post provided it is relevant to engineering and you are active in the comments to answer any questions. Your post MUST be submitted as a self-post.

Need to Interview an Engineer?

Pick an engineer from the list of volunteers below and send him or her a PM indicating that you would like to conduct an interview:

  • /u/ArtificialSpark: Consulting (EE)
  • /u/Axagoras: Offshore Wind (CompE)
  • /u/caffinate: Power Electronics (Prof)
  • /u/capitalmonks Electrical Power Systems (EE)
  • /u/careercatalysis: Refining (CHE)
  • /u/c0d3M0nk3y: Video Games (CS)
  • /u/cr4zy3ng1n33r: Broadcast (EE)
  • /u/CyaNBlu3: Bioengineering (ME)
  • /u/DoorGuote: Stormwater (PE)
  • /u/Dunengel: Geotechnical
  • /u/Gohanto: Acoustics
  • /u/HaggardAvatar: Thermodynamics (ME)
  • /u/hydro_wonk: Hydrologist (PE)
  • /u/ingeniero_war: Industrial Automation (ME)
  • /u/internationengineer: MEP Design (ME)
  • /u/injuredtoad: Oil Refining (ME)
  • /u/kv-2: Steel Industry (ME)
  • /u/legofarley: Structural (PE/SE)
  • /u/meerkatmreow: Fluids (AE)
  • /u/Miketheguy: Software Engineer
  • /u/Notagiant2199: Biofuels (CHE)
  • /u/Obbz Consulting: (EE)
  • /u/raoulduke25: Structural (PE)
  • /u/Real_MikeCleary: Upstream Oil/Gas (PetE)
  • /u/Red8600: Controls (EET)
  • /u/Saryu: IP Video Distribution (EE/SE)
  • /u/SmashAndCAD: Aircraft Design (AE)
  • /u/testfire10: Oil, Gas, Space (ME)
  • /u/theaeroengineer: Aircraft Design (AE)
  • /u/whats_hot_DJroomba: Structural (PE)
  • /u/zubin147: Industrial
  • /u/kd7uiy: Aerospace
Reporting Posts

Anything that looks like it violates the rules, please report it.

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  • CAD: Computer Aided Design
  • CFD: Fluid Dynamics
  • FEA: Finite Element Analysis
  • PLC: Programmable Logic Controllers
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