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Erotica Authors

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Welcome to /r/eroticauthors!!

You should post articles, comments and ideas relevant to the craft and business of writing both erotica and romance.

Do not post actual erotica here. This is for discussions of the craft and business. If you post erotica, it will be removed without warning.

Do not post requests for feedback or input on your work. It will be removed without warning. Do not post to ask why you have been dungeoned or blocked or how to fix it. You must post in a critique thread for any kind of feedback on your work.

  • You may request feedback on Critique Monday or Blurbsday Thursday.

Do not post personal announcements, goals, introductions or word counts except in a [Daily Check-In] thread.

Do not post links to blogs unless you are linking to a post that's relevant and useful for a wider audience of erotica authors.

Do not post offers to buy or sell anything.

  • You may buy or sell cover designs through the Covercrafters' Bazaar
  • You can buy or sell writing/editing/translating services or the rights to a catalogue at the Writer's Market.
  • Other offers to buy or sell anything should go in the relevant FAQ thread (such as the ARC one).

Do not ask if something will get you blocked, filtered or banned. No one has an answer. Your question will be removed. See the FAQ questions below instead.

This is not a safe space. There are rude people here, and conversations about frightening, upsetting and triggering concepts. People do not get banned for criticism or rudeness, or for giving bad advice.

You can join in on the /r/eroticauthors Slack chat! Just PM me and give your email, I'll send you an invite.

New? Please review the FAQ before asking questions: If you ask a question that could be answered by the FAQ, it may be removed. The FAQs are ongoing posts you can still participate in.

Your moderator also has an Erotica Manual of Style that you might find interesting.

Friendly Subreddits

  • /r/KUerotica: a subreddit for stories in Kindle Unlimited
  • /r/EroticaContests: erotica writing contests
  • /r/EroticLiterature: a gathering place for lovers of erotic lit
  • /r/LetsWriteADirtyStory: a way to collaboratively write erotic tales
  • /r/GayErotica: for discussion and reading about gay erotica
  • /r/DirtyWritingPrompts: for story ideas, suggestions and practice
  • /r/SexyStories: for sharing stories you've written or discovered
  • /r/DestructiveReaders has a special erotica feedback post for a no-holds-barred critique

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