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The fate of destruction is also the joy of rebirth. Welcome to the Evangelion subreddit. Feel free to post anything Evangelion related, including philosophical questions raised by the show.


TLDR: They are working on it. It is unknown what phase of production it is in currently. There is no indication when it will be released.

For more info, please refer to the designated thread.


Main points.

  1. The official release for the Neon Genesis: Evangelion Blu-Ray Set was [released in Japan on 08/25/2015 at 38,000 Yen for the Blu-rays and 18,000yen for the DVDs.] (

  2. More info can be found [here.] ( link.

  3. There are no English subs or dub on the release, and no indication that it will be released in English in the future.

Common questions

In what order should I watch the different versions of Evangelion?
SpectralFire has written a good guide

I just watched the end of the tv show. What. The. What?
Congratulations! For more explanation, try here, here, and here.

I just watched End of Evangelion. What. The. HELL?
An idiot's guide might help. Also try here or here.

Ok. I just don't get it. What the hell just happened?

Try Evageeks for various explanations and theories.

Should I read Sadamoto's manga?
It's very similar to the anime, but has some scenes left out and some new scenes. There's more backstory to it and more focus on Rei than in the series. The final issue was published in June 2013.

I've watched all there is of Evangelion, but want more. Is there anything else? Here's a list of various manga and good fan fiction of Evangelion


Spoiler text!

[Spoilers!](#s " Best girl is Mari")

or this:

[Spoilers!](/s " What can I say, it's those glasses")

^^ hover over the 'Spoilers'. /u/iamthelowercase can be thanked.

Subreddit rules:

  1. Follow reddiquette

  2. As long as it doesn't break the rules below, anything with a focus on Evangelion can be posted.

  3. No porn; fanart should have artistic value beyond sexualizing the characters. Also, no screenshots from hentai doujins unless they are blatantly asexual.

  4. Non-OC fanart can only be posted once a day per person.

  5. Any post seeking or supplying copyrighted material is not allowed and will be removed from the subreddit. The only exceptions are content that falls under fair use (AMVs, fanart, fanfics, etc...).

  6. A user may only submit a shitpost if the user's preceding post is of a different content type. Otherwise, the post will be removed.

  7. All jurisdiction falls upon the mods. If we decide it should be removed, it will be removed. If we decide it should stay, it will stay. However, we value your opinions, so you are free to state why you think our decision was wrong concerning a post.

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