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About Us

  • /r/evenwithcontext is a subreddit dedicated to comments that make you question the sanity of redditors everywhere-- even with context.

  • If the context explains the comment, then it doesn't belong here, it belongs in /r/nocontext. Ensure the comment you're submitting is not fully explained by context before submitting.

How to Submit

  1. Comment reply on another user's comment with this subreddit, /r/evenwithcontext.

  2. The title of your submission should be a quote from the target Reddit comment; your link should be to that individual comment.

  3. Add ?context=x to your submission's URL (which should be the comment's permalink) to show x parent comments, replacing x with a number high enough to give the post adequate context.

  4. Example of correct usage.

  5. Example of a correct post.

Related Subreddits

  • /r/nocontext - To find ridiculous out-of-context comments that make sense with applied context.
  • /r/wtfdidijustread - To find comments that are ridiculous in and of themselves

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