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On Amazon reference links, and how to identify them. Currently they are only allowed if posted indirectly (e.g. via blog post, news article, etc.). However, they are strongly discouraged, as the goal of this sub is to share interesting products from the consumer's point of view, not to advertise products for a profit.

NOTE: The "every man should have" moniker is not meant to be taken so literally. This sub is meant to talk about products that would be good for guys. If we stuck only to necessities then this sub would die off real fast. Please save your downvotes for quality of the product or a product that totally misses the mark, not because it didn't exactly fit your definition of what a man should have. Thanks.

Welcome to r/everymanshouldhave. Here at this subreddit you can post products that men would want/need for everyday life. It can be seriously helpful products or fun novelty ones, all post are welcome as long as it's something for us guys.

If you want to post a product, begin it with [EMSH] and then the name of the product and price. It is recommended but not required that you also put in the star rating if there is one.

Products that are on kickstarter are exempt from the price rule. If the product is on kickstarter let us know by tagging it with (kickstarter) in the title.

We believe in an open forum where the votes speak, therefore self-promotion is allowed if you have a product that you are selling or have a blog that focuses on products for men. However, please do not abuse the privilege.

If your posts get stuck message the mods and we will jog them loose. If you feel someone is abusing the subreddit self-promotion privilege please notify us of that as well and we will look into it.

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