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Pics of Evil Boats

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Post pics of evil boats, or villainous boats, or hideous-looking boats. Any boat picture that could conjure up the feeling of uneasiness is welcome.

Some boats might look really neat but have an owner that you feel is evil, these are always welcome.

You can even post futuristic boats with laser canons that could obliterate the world!

Ships and dingies work as well, but we'll reduce our vocabulary to calling them simply a "boat", even though that's not technically accurate, because we can.

All submissions must have:

  • A witty/funny/descriptive/imaginative title (explain why you think it's evil)
  • A quality resolution photo
  • Boat name in title, if a name is available. For example, "Scary boat [Sea Queen]"
  • Additional info is always appreciated but not necessary

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