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Easy Start Guide

Comment: Explain [whatever the topic is] in [whatever the context is].

Post: Explain [whatever] like IAmA/You Are A [anything you want, literally anything, like so literally anything that you can say "nothing" like "the existentialist void" and that is completely acceptable].

Example: Explain how silly putty picks up ink from comics like IAMA Nigerian email scammer slowly falling in love with you.



  1. Don't be an asshole.
  2. Top level comments must respond directly to the prompt.
  3. Top level comments must be 150 c h a r a c t e r s or more. Posters can allow an exemption by including the [SHORT] tag in the title.
  4. Use proper spelling and grammar unless the question explicitly calls for something else.
  5. Don't reply unless you feel like putting in real effort. Please don't post low-effort karma grabs.
  6. Stay in character.
  7. Topics likely to start a flame-war ("Explain free speech like I'm Ellen Pao") may be removed at the mods' discretion.
  8. When in doubt, refer to rule 1.
  9. Please clear metaposts with the mods before making them.

Specific (NON-OBVIOUS)

  1. All answers must be comprehensible and contentful to an English speaker. Lazy replies are not allowed. That is, replying 'WOOF WOOF WOOF' to 'ELIAMA dog' will get your comment removed (unless you provide a translation). Lazy replies include but aren't limited to quotations of other people.
  2. Prompts cannot be 'lazy' either. That is, no joke prompts such as 'Explain like I am automoderator'.
  3. In questions of the form "Explain X like I am Y and you are Z" (that is, questions with both an asker and an answerer specified), at least two of X, Y, and Z must be directly connected (e.g., come from the same work, be part of the same band, etc). In other words, you may not juxtapose three separate things at once. Clarification

The mods have the final say in removing posts, comments, or anything not following the rules. Good answers will get love, karma, & a secret present (flair).

Rule breakers face removal, flair of shame, and/or bans.

How flair works

This sub gives out special kinds of flair that denote different things. Please see the wiki page for information on the various types.

How To: Flair Links


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