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Explain it like you're Doctor Cox

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Ok, listen here, pumpkin, if you’re honestly having this much trouble understanding this simple concept, just go ahead and give me a call and I’ll toss you a sympathy throw-down anytime.

...Fine Newbie, I'll explain it to you.

Posting Rules:

  • Post questions and/or concepts that you would like explained or answered

  • "In-Universe" questions are not permitted.

  • Questions should have some quality that calls for an objective (albeit aggressive) explanation

  • Preface your question with ELDC (otherwise the spam filter will hate you more than it hates Bob-o)

  • Be polite and respectful...Unless you're answering the target question or any follow-up questions.

  • When answering questions, feel free to name call, put down, rant at, or generally be disrespectful and rude towards the poster. Remember though, we're here to reluctantly teach these Newbies so try to fit an answer in there under all the contempt.

  • Despite all the fantastic doctors around, this is not a place for medical advice.

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