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exxxchange: let's talk porn

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Find a partner for anything involving porn pics, gifs, or videos: trading, chatting, captioning, tributing, roleplaying, writing, and more! Just make sure it involves pornographic content such as pictures, gifs or videos in some way!


  1. Be respectful.
  2. 18+ users ONLY! All content traded must be of individuals 18+ and the wording of "ageplay" posts must clearly reflect that.
  3. Accounts must be at least 1 week old in order to post. This is to help against spam.
  4. No posts involving gifts, money or other compensation. Commercial accounts will be banned.
  5. Limit partner-seeking posts to one per 12 hours.
  6. No nude self-pictures in posts or comments. Other NSFW pics are OK. Try r/ratemycock, r/ratemensfw, etc instead.
  7. No requests for "jailbait" or underage material. reddit's stance on this is firm and any posts requesting this will result in immediate banning and reported to reddit.
  8. Do not request or offer pictures of friends, family, SOs or ex-SOs. Breaking this rule will also result in you being banned immediately.
  9. Don't post personal contact info! No phone numbers, addresses or sharing someone else's. This is a great way to get banned.
  10. Information about warnings and bans can be found here.


Report problematic posts or comments by clicking the Report link.

Report problematic PMs by taking a screenshot of the exchange and sending a link to the modmail.


Please prefix all posts with gender tags (A for anyone):

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Hint: click a prefix above to filter posts by that tag.

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