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Gorgeous eyes.

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Pictures of eyes, in all colors and size.

Mostly on girls, but also on guys.

Find the best ones, and you get a prize!

What is that prize? Well, pictures of eyes!

If you're interested in the medical side of things, visit our friends over in /r/optometry!

If you're looking for even more specific body parts, check out the pics and discussion at /r/GreenEyed.

Want eyes that are under the influence? Visit /r/dilatedpupils!

P.S. If you have heterochromia and post yourself here I will secretly love you forever.

A few, but simple rules:

  • Please try to keep submitted images to high-quality unedited eye photos

  • Face pictures are discouraged, but we do encourage you to post to r/faces

  • If you see any offensive comments or spam, please report them, but also send us a mod message so I can respond to it faster. Thanks everybody!

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