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Welcome to /r/Facebook.

Feel free to post:

  • News articles
  • Discussion
  • Interesting questions
  • Screenshots of high value
  • Ideas for this subreddit

Not Permitted:

  • Help requests not using the Weekly Questions Thread
  • Your own situation/issue/problem
  • Is Facebook Down? (Use ISUP)
  • Questions of low value
  • Typical screenshots
  • Rants
  • Self promotion posts
  • Blog spam
  • Low quality news articles
  • Like this page
  • Share this post
  • Low quality posts
  • Moderation complaints

We take an active approach to ban users who break our rules and ensure spam users and domains are immediately reported to Reddit.

Have a Facebook Issue or Question?

Requests for help must be posted to the Weekly Questions Thread.

Requests for help, questions related to your own circumstances or that of a friend, and anything related to general assistance with Facebook must be posted to the Weekly Questions Thread only. This is a trial and is open to feedback. See the thread for information.

Your post will be automatically removed by /u/AutoModerator if you post here. Don't waste your time.

Zero Tolerance Against Spam

Spam is against the Reddit rules. Any spam accounts/posts will be reported to Reddit. We have an extremely high success rate in having accounts banned. You have been warned.

Asking for 'likes' and 'shares' is defined as spam.


To encourage discussion and a sense of community there is a small set of rules that everybody must follow.

  1. No self-promotion other than during official threads as specified by the moderators. No posts that have an 'is Facebook down' style, discuss networking issues, relate to your own individual issue, are personal rants, or otherwise do not contribute quality news articles or discussions (including questions that are of low value). Screenshots are also banned.

  2. Remain courteous and polite. The community is here to help each other - not to flame, berate or otherwise be disrespectful towards.

  3. Ensure content not suitable for work is flagged as NSFW. Be mindful that not everybody wants to see content that is NSFW.

  4. Assign an appropriate flair to your post wherever possible by using the 'Flair' option. Additional flairs can be requested by contacting /u/demoror.

  5. Report anything that you feel shouldn't be on /r/Facebook. The moderators will review reports as soon as possible but if you feel something should be looked at sooner please message them directly, ensuring you include a link to the post or comment.

  6. Be mindful that the moderators reserve the right to remove any post, comment or user from /r/Facebook.

Ideas for /r/Facebook?

Please message the moderators. Meta posts are generally not permitted unless approved by the moderators.

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Request Subreddit Listing

Requests for a subreddit to be included in the Related Subreddits section may be denied if the subreddit is low quality, distasteful, has a low subscriber count, or is otherwise not suitable in the view of /r/Facebook's moderators.

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