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Win posts on Facebook

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The opposite of /r/facepalm - this is for screenshots of epic win posts on Facebook.

What is an "epic win"?

An epic win is generally someone getting roasted or pwned in the comments.


To protect the privacy of those involved in the facepalm as well your own, we require certain information be completely redacted. This includes:

  • First and last names
  • Profile pictures
  • Location
  • Your own profile picture
  • Anything else that is easily identifiable

Profile pictures should be 100% replaced by color boxes, no smudging, blurring, or scribbling.

  • Do not post links to profiles or any other personal info. This will get you banned immediately.

  • Post facebook screenshots only, and don't link directly to facebook, ever.

  • Colour code different people in the conversation! It makes the submission flow better.

  • No facebook albums with images of the poster.

  • If you break a rule, your post or comment will be removed, and you may be banned.

Racist, misogynistic, homophobic, transphobic, or otherwise abusive content will be removed and the commenter may be banned.

Comments stating the names, locations, etc. from the screenshot or otherwise pointing at the facebook profile will be removed.

Example of a perfect post:

If you see a post that breaks the rules, please report it and consider sending a message to the mods (you can do that here) explaining which post you reported and why.

Reposts: Please do not repost something that has already been here within the past 3 months, or is in our top 100 of all time.

As with the rest of Reddit, the preferred image host is Imgur, although you're free to use other sites (unless they're spammy) you're less likely to reap the precious karma

Other than that just don't be too much of a dickwad really. Or if you do, just prepare to lose some of your internet points. And you'll be sorry when my karma-to-cash machine is perfected!

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