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Fairy Tail (/r/fairytail)

  1. New to fairy tail ? Here is a good guide!
  2. Tell everyone about /r/fairytail!
  3. Use spoiler tags when needed.
  4. Please follow the reddiquette!
  5. Fairy Tail Wiki.
  6. If you have a post related problem? Contact the mods.


Anything written inside [ ] followed by (/manga) is a manga spoiler.

[Fairytail is a great manga.](/manga)

Fairytail is a great manga.

Anything written inside [ ] followed by (/anime) is a anime spoiler.

[Fairytail is a great anime.](/anime)

Fairytail is a great anime.

Tag your link posts for spoilers as well. Click the spoiler link below your post to make a Spoiler post, and to hide the thumbnail.

Check it out!

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