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Fake Album Covers

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Unsure of how to start?

Here's the basic formula for a Random Album Art Cover...

Random Album Cover Formula

  1. Go to Wikipedia and click "Random Article". The title of that article is your band name.
  2. Go to Wikiquote and click "Random Article". Pick any part of the last quote as your album title.
  3. Go to Flickr's "Last 7 Days" page. The 5th image is your album art.
  4. Compile an album cover using all the selected information with the image processor of your choice.
  5. Please link to the original photo you used in the comments to give credit to the photographer and remember to tag your submission with the Formula link flair after posting. We also encourage you to leave a comment with what Wikipedia article you came up with and what quote you found.

The Fake Album Generator

For further inspiration, check out the Fake Album Generator, a glorious new web app built by /u/theChapinator. Refresh the page for new ideas, or click on the individual items to fine-tune your creative starting point.

Fake Cover Album Generator

Submission Rules

  1. This subreddit is for fake album covers only. Genuine album covers will be removed.
  2. Please include the artist name and then the album name in the title.
  3. Please add the appropriate link flair to your submission where applicable. (You can find a guide to link flairs in the Wiki.)
  4. All album covers must look like album covers and must be square. The exception to this rule would be submissions that feature a "mockup" (e.g. front/back covers). All other rectangular submissions will be removed. Rectangular covers that look like they are square at first glance will be given the benefit of the doubt that the submitter intended their design to be square. (Examples)
  5. Zero effort submissions will be removed. An example of a zero effort submission would be a photo that has not been altered in any way and does not look like an album cover.
  6. Please give credit where it is due if you are crossposting or reposting from another subreddit by linking to the original post in the comments.
  7. While different interpretations of album covers using the same image are allowed, identical reposts of covers that have previously featured on this sub will be removed.


Leave a comment on your submission if you'd like to be featured, and be sure to share your Instagram username if you would like to be tagged/credited. You can also tag @fake.albums on Instagram.

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Fake Album Cover of the Week

Every Sunday we will be featuring a new album cover in the sidebar. Winners will be determined by the top post weekly, as determined by upvotes. Winners will receive link and user flair. All OC submissions are eligible to win, whether or not you used the basic formula.

View winners of Fake Album Cover of the Week here.

Random Album Contest

Every Monday there will be a new post with the randomly-generated prompt for the week's Random Album Contest. Please check the stickied thread for more information.

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