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Fallout Lore - Serving your postapocalyptic needs

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A place to discuss the lore of the fallout universe. No memes or other silly things here, just lore and the discussion of the game worlds.

Check out the Fallout Wikis here :


The Vault.

Fallout Network Discord server:

The invite link can be found here.


  1. Threads and comments that are irrelevant to lore will be removed.

  2. Debate is encouraged, aggression is not. Personal attacks, lore-irrelevant discussion and posts complaining about Fallout/developers with no addition to discussion will be removed.

  3. Refrain from asking about the fate or state of any place that isn't explicitly mentioned in-game. If neither wiki has an entry on it, nothing is known about the area in canon as of yet.

  4. Posts that are pure speculation/opinion and cannot be backed up by lore will be removed.

  5. Use descriptive titles. Posts with vague titles will be removed.

  6. Low-effort/single-word/link-only replies or answers will be removed.

All posts and comments, in end, come down to moderator discretion.

All top level comments shorter than 25 characters are auto-removed by the filter. Please add depth to post replies.

Comments and posts from accounts less than 24 hours old are auto-removed by the filter.

Please report irrelevant posts and comments to the Moderators.

Sources / References

We encourage all users to post sources, including and not limited to both Fallout Wikis.

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