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Fantasy Writers

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This reddit is dedicated to those of us who are writing in the fantasy genre. All posts should be about writing, editing, critiquing, and publishing one's own works of fantasy.

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Please do

  • Follow our posting guidelines.
  • Be polite to members and moderators
  • Provide constructive criticism when reading members’ work

Please don't

  • Post or link to things on our what not to post list.
  • Post works from other genres
  • Advertise/self-promote outside of the weekly writing check-in.
  • Copy or plagiarize
  • Outright insult anyone's writing. Constructive criticism only!
  • Troll/be rude or hostile.

External Links

  • All external links must be text posts.
  • Relevance to fantasy writing must be stated in the post.
  • Direct links will be removed.
  • This does not apply to Google Doc links for critique.


You must use post flair to tag your post. Check out the instructions, here!

  • Critique - For fantasy writing that you wish other members to give you feedback on. This includes requests for a critique partner.
  • Question - For a question relating to your own fantasy writing / if you need help (e.g. Which of these titles should I use? How does my farm boy start his adventure?).
  • Discussion - For a question directed at the community and their fantasy writing (e.g. How do you choose a title? Is the farm boy origin overused?)
  • Resource - For links that may be of use to the community (e.g. an article by Brandon Sanderson about creating magic systems, competitions open to fantasy writers).

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