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Welcome to r/Fap. This is a community about the benefits and enjoyment of masturbation. Feel free to post anything related to the benefits of masturbating or positive things related to masturbation!

Unlike /r/NoNoFap, this is an anti-NoFap subreddit, so go ahead and advocate for masturbation.

Here are some basic rules:

1) No anti-masturbation advocacy. This is a sub for pro-masturbation discussion and links only! That means no debate, argument, or lukewarm disagreement "Masturbation is great and all, BUT disagreement".

2) This sub is no longer a porn subreddit. That includes softcore or anything erotic as the main focus (there's plenty of other porn subs for that). Please make your discussion and links focused on pro-masturbation specifically. Irrelevant content will be removed.

3) No low-quality content that does not provide some value to the discussion of pro-masturbation. One example is poorly executed memes and single images where the main idea is a cheap joke of "hurr hurr fap" with no effort to enrich the conversation.

4) No brigading or trolling of other subs, especially NoFap. We disagree with them but we don't hate them, and eventually we want to convince them to come over to the dark side of /r/fap.

5) When linking to other subs please use np links (

6) Site-wide rules apply (no spamming, illegal content, doxxing, etc.)

7) Deletion of comments and posts and user bans are solely at the discretion of the moderators.

8) Moderators also have the right to add, change, or remove rules at any time as they see fit.


Check out our post on Shame and the Benefits of Masturbation here and we'll be building a research wiki here about the history, attitudes, and benefits of masturbation

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