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Farming and Farm News - We are OUTSTANDING in our FIELD!

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Your online tailgate in the neighbors driveway!

Welcome to /r/Farming - Home of 'FARM TRUCK TUESDAY' and ' FARM DOG FRIDAY'

Any news about Farming, Food Production, Agriculture, Land Use, etc.

No fundraising, surveys, homework help or online petitions.

If you are trying to sell us farmland, equipment, seed or fertilizer you will be banned, ridiculed and mocked...unless you give everyone who replies to your post a free hat, penknife, thermos, ceramic coffee mug, insulated vest, and a complete SAE and Metric socket set.

All steam show and threshing show videos are now spam. They will be removed and you will be banned from this subreddit and possibly all of reddit.

No mention of WWOOF. Every person deserves payment for work.

You get the idea.

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