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Fashion Souls

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>>> ###### Welcome to Fashion Souls! Read the rules in the sidebar before posting!


We all know that Dark Souls is a game about kicking ass and taking names, and getting your ass kicked and having your name taken, but most people also know that it is a game about looking dope as fuck. Some folks will sacrifice stats for a phresh look and that's ok! This is a place to tell us what threads you're rocking in Drangleic, Lordran, Lothric and Yharnam!


Dark Souls

Dark Souls 2

Dark Souls 3


No BloodBorne

Fashion E F

  1. Only post pics of armor and weapon sets.

  2. ~~Don't take~~ It'd be great if you didn't take a picture of your TV with a camera, all of those photos are shitty, but it's okay if that's your only option. We know not everyone has a capture card.

  3. Look cool.

  4. Except on Fashion Emergency Fridays, look as lame as possible then.

  5. Post the items you are wearing/wielding either in the comments, or in a text post.

  6. Your account must be over 10 days old before you can post. Message us for exceptions.

  7. Posts from Dark Souls 1, 2 and 3 AND Bloodborne are allowed, but must be tagged appropriately in the title field:

  8. [Dark Souls]
  9. [Dark Souls 2]
  10. [BloodBorne]
  11. [Dark Souls 3]
  12. [Fashion Emergency] / [Fashion E F]


[Dark Souls] Check out my Fume Fashion

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