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Fast Food

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This subreddit is for news and reviews of fast food (aka quick-service), fast casual, and casual restaurants -- covering everything fast food from multinational chains, regional and local chains, food trucks and food carts, the neighborhood taqueria, street vendors, etc.

Know of any good specials, new menu items, expansions into new regions or countries, etc.?

Tell us about the fast food and street food in your country.

What is your favorite type of fast food?

Burgers, tacos, burritos, fried chicken, fish and chips, doner kebabs or shish kebabs, pizza, sandwiches, hot dogs, curry, falafel, chinese take-out, chicken nuggets, breakfast burritos, french fries, onion rings, gyros, sausage roll, currywurst, poutine, sandwich wrap, salchipapas, taquitos, samosas, shawarma, empenadas, banh mi, pierogies, sushi, croquettes, meatballs, frikandel, dumplings, crepes, frikadeller, arepas, gorditas, pupusas, chicken wings, curly fries, or ????

New and limited-time fast food items

Fast food news

Fast Food MultiReddit

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Posting rules:

  • Basic sub rule: Be civil
  • Please follow reddiquette and reddit rules.
  • Posts must be specifically about fast food, fast casual, or casual restaurants or food.
  • No editorialized titles, memes, image macros, blogspam, self-promotion, spam, or reposts.
  • No insults, profanity, incivility, trolling, or bigotry. Nothing that is rude, vulgar or offensive.
  • No ALL CAPS words or text, no bold text, and no #Headline text formatting! This is like SHOUTING and is considered rude. No ALL CAPS TITLES, even if the original headline was in all capital letters. No emoji. 😟
  • All posts must be in English.
  • Fast food is international. Please note the country or region in the title.
  • Reddit is not Twitter or txt messaging. Complete sentences and proper spelling are expected. No #hashtags.
  • No URL shorteners or archive links.
  • No polls, surveys, or petitions. No class projects or assignments. No contest or game posts.
  • No videos. No streaming. No animated GIFs. No Twitter. Nothing NSFW/NSFL.
  • No slideshows or multi-page articles.
  • Any posts about specials should include listing the major restrictions in the title.
  • Posts should only be about fast food restaurants, chains, and food. No posts about employee or customer freakouts, arrests, crimes, offbeat news, celebrity news, or other things that just happen to occur at or near a fast food restaurant.
  • If a post is about a fast food chain, or an item from a chain, the name of the chain must be in the title. If it's not in an article title, add the name in brackets, e.g. [Burger King].
  • No posts that are primarily fast food company business or stock news.
  • Additional posts on the same topic with no new info may be deleted.
  • A discussion topic needs to be at least 4 months old before it can be repeated.
  • No "what should I eat tonight" posts.
  • Questions that can easily be answered by a Google search or searching a fast food chain's website will be deleted.
  • No vague, misleading, or click-bait titles.
  • Don't modify article titles unless the title is excessively vague! misleading, or clickbait-ish.

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