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  • NO HATE. Violators will be banned.

  • No terms that demean those with disabilities. Violators will be banned.

  • READ THE FULL LIST OF RULES. Ignorance will not be accepted as an excuse!

  • No Dehumanizing Language, even if it's meant as a joke.

  • No pictures of children are allowed. No creepshots.

  • Do not ask other users for pictures of themselves.

  • No political discussions.

  • Image Macros with text overlay are rarely allowed.

  • No direct links to most subreddits.

  • Moderators have complete discretion so don't piss us off.

  • We are NOT affiliated with any Discord channels or any other offsite chat groups. /r/fatlogic exists only on reddit.

  • Check out Our New and Improved Wiki

  • Avoid these Common Reposts. List may not be complete. Check KarmaDecay for more information.

  • Resources for all your arguing-on-the-internet needs.

  • Stickied Threads:

  • WellnessWeekend

  • MetaMonday

  • FatRantTuesday

  • WellnessWednesday

  • Recipe Thursday

  • FatRantFriday

On Wellness days, ask questions, post about your own weight loss, show us progress pics, ask about grocery shopping, say thanks for the support you received here and tell us about your victories over fatlogic.

On Rant days, rant about fatlogic in your personal life, at work, wherever.

Share your recipes on Thursdays.

On Meta Monday join the discussion as we decide the direction and state of our community and discuss the events of the week past.

We also feature occasional No Stupid Questions stickies in which you can get answers to material not covered elsewhere.

Information on Eating Disorder recovery can be found here.

Screenshot or archive link instructions can be googled and are easy to follow.

Feel free to message the mods if you have any questions.

Have fun and don't forget your side of ranch and Diet Coke!

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