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Fat People Hate

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THIS IS AN 18+ SUBREDDIT!!!!!!!!!!

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  • Do not post BBW or feeder porn. Nudity is allowed, but it must be medical or comical, and not displayed for disgust.

  • Memes and similar content (cartoons, comics, illustrations, satire/parody, obvious fiction) belong in /r/AdiposeAmigos.

  • Stories and narratives belong in /r/TalesOfFatHate.

  • Meta posts and off-topic posts that don't directly hate on a fatass will be removed

  • "Thank you FPH", "why I hate fat people [RANT]", "since discovering this subreddit", "why I visit this subreddit" and all other attention whoring/generic/redundant bullshit will be removed. Nobody cares.

  • Repeatedly posting similar items in a short period of time will lead to most/all of them being removed and possibly a temporary ban. Post them all in one post or post only one.

  • Anything taking credit for or encouraging trolling/harassment will be removed and will result in a ban in most cases

  • Direct links to crowdfunding, Amazon pages or any other solicitation or retail tool will be marked as spam and removed. Use screenshots instead.

  • Items recently posted within the last ~60 days will be removed. If you frequently repost items older than 60 days they too will be removed and you may face a temporary ban for karmawhoring. Please check the /new page going back 1-2 days before posting, especially if it is content you found elsewhere on reddit.

  • Links and comments using URL shorteners will be removed

  • This isn't /r/progresspics or /r/loseit. We don't care about how you lost weight.


  1. No identifying information

  2. No dissent / No being fat

  3. Keep the peace

  4. No links to other parts of Reddit

  5. Absolutely NO FAT SYMPATHY

Click the "Rules:" header link for a full listing and detailed explantation of the rules

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