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Welcome to Fat People Stories.

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    1. All posts are subject to mod review and removal.
    1. We are NOT FatPeopleHate or FatPeopleObservations or StoryWithAFatPersonInIt.
    1. No linking to other parts of Reddit or blogs. In regards to this, take screenshots instead of linking directly or it will get pulled.
    1. No personal pictures or information unless they are of yourself. Would not recommend doing this. No demands for the same.
    1. Although some hyperbole is expected, this sub should not be a place to practice your creative writing skills. We expect that most of these situations are grounded in reality.
    1. We want to hear more stories, none of this 'let me know if you want to hear more' stuff.
    1. Do NOT harass authors in the comments. You will be banned. Everyone else: if you see this, use the report button. Furthermore, "that happened" comments will be removed.
    1. No videos, pictures, or articles. Days on which you can post non-stories: Meta Monday is for random stuff that fits nowhere else in this sub, but is still relevant. TiTP (This is Thin Privilege) Thursdays, screencaps of Thin Privilege you find anywhere online, but screencaps only. F2F Fridays, your weight-loss and/or fitness journey; you may include pics if you like. These posts must have titles that include their type, [Meta], [TiTP], [F2F]


  • Please note that we are NOT in any way, shape, or form affiliated with FatPeopleHate. If you came here looking for that, get out. We do not support bullying and hate.

Posting guide

  • This is Fat People Stories. A place to post stories about fat people. Generally you will find articles don't belong, and memes never belong. Videos and pictures of fat people are also on the list of "not belonging."
  • This is Thin Privilege/similar Tumblr posts are only allowed on Thin Privilege Thursdays, tag with [TP]. (2 to 3 TP posts max per person)
  • Metas are only allowed on Meta Mondays. Tag meta discussions with [Meta].
  • Fridays are Fat2Fit Fridays, share your journey! tag [F2F]
  • Link to multipart stories.
  • TL;DR the end of longer stories!
  • Greentext (not mandatory) by putting a ">" before each line, hit enter twice**.


What makes a good FPS?

  • Read a few, you'll pick up on what's good and what isn't pretty fast.
  • It's all not always fun and games, be prepared to experience all spectrums of rage, lols, and feels. And expect to be permanently forever grossed out.
  • This sub is a place for you to tell us about hamplanets in your life and your relationships/encounters with them. Remember that hamplanet is not just about the weight, but also the hamentality - rudeness, entitlement, fatlogic, etc. Not all fat people are hambeasts but all hambeasts are fat people.
  • Please adhere to Reddiquette along with our community rules, which can be found at the top of the sidebar.
  • Our wiki has a collection of FPS series. Should give you an idea of what a good FPS is. Big thanks to /u/afterbang for initiating the list.

Weight Loss

Eating Disorder Help Links


  • /r/fatpeoplecomics
  • /r/weeabootales
  • /r/badpeoplestories
  • /r/neckbeardstories


  • /r/KitchenPrivilege - if you mention a recipe in your story, consider posting it in the FPS recipe sub

Hey Guys Guess What!

  • Most of the stories and information posted here may very well be artistic works of fiction and falsehood. Only a fool would take anything posted here as fact.

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