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Rage Comics

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A subreddit for rage comics

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||| |:------|:---| |No non-ragecomics allowed|If you aren't telling a story, there are no characters, action, or similar, then its not a rage comic. This includes comics ending in AdviceAnimals| |No comparison comics|These are comics that compare one thing to another. If you're making any comparison in your comic, chances are you're doing it wrong| |No reposting|This subreddit is for original content only, meaning comics YOU made. Don't post stuff you found from elsewhere on the web, it's probably been here already. And don't resubmit your comic because it did poorly. Reposting will result in a ban| |Upvotes don't matter|It doesn't matter if your comic has 1.21 Gigavotes, we can and will remove it if it violates any of the rules| |No meta-posts|Don't make a comic complaining about another user, comic, or the moderators. Additionally, don't make comics to “introduce” a new rageface| |NSFW tags are free|Please use NSFW tags for anything that might have the remote possibility of getting someone fired or in trouble| |Comics must be between 2 and 8 panels|Your comic must be between 2 and 8 panels long. We don't want single panels, nor do we want novels. No comics made of double-width panels only| |No blogposts|Blogposts are preachy, self-serving, boring comics. These often take the form of a full-panel stare face lecturing someone, posts about how your dog/cat/grandpa died, and similar. Your post must be relatable, not a personal anecdote| |No vote-begging|Do not mention cakedays, karma, upvotes, or anything similar| |Be light on text|People come here for quick, simple humor. If you find your comic heavy on words, try submitting it to /r/ragenovels. This includes labeling ”poorly drawn televisions” and similar| |No non-imgur / reddit images|If your comic is from some site other than imgur or reddit, then its not permitted, and will be removed as spam. Also, please link directly to the image| |No dead horse beating|Avoid tropes of rage comics, including, but not limited to le, das, moi, true story, [FIRST], Extra Panel, Made for reddit, and [FIXED]| |Mods have the final say|If a comic is removed by a moderator, even if it doesn't seem to violate any of the other rules, it remains removed|


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||| |-|-| |Why isn't my comic on the "new" tab?|Give it a second. It was probably caught by the evil robotic spam filter, but we've created an even more powerful robot to save everything from the filter; it just can take a couple minutes. If it still doesn't work, it was probably removed for breaking a rule (read them!).| |Can I be a moderator, too?|As much as we love when community members want to help out, we can't accept requests for becoming moderators, or we'd be overwhelmed with nothing but such requests. Therefore, requesting to be a moderator will actually result in you getting banned instead. When we feel we need more moderators, we recruit from a list of people we have identified as being helpful and positive role models for the community. If you want to be a mod one day, that's how you'll go about doing it| |How do I get flair?|If you ask for flair, we will never give it to you, no matter how many blowjobs you offer|

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