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What do you really want to do?

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The thing that is really hard, and really amazing, is giving up on being perfect and beginning the work of becoming yourself.

--Anna Quindlen

A place for figuring out what you want to do and helping others find it.

If you have something you like to do, there is almost definitely a job out there that will pay you for it. A google search won't always be enough to find it, so get advice, relevant majors, and job suggestions from other redditors here.


  • Follow the reddiquette
  • Search before you post. There has been a lot of great advice put out by professionals already so take a look at what is available before you post.
  • Flair your posts with the subject you wish to discuss.
  • Titles with specific information will get you better answers.
    For example, put "I love engineering but I struggle in math" instead of "Not sure what to do."
  • Report abusive users.

Flair explanations

Career Use this flair to get advice about your current, or potential, career path.

Major Whether you are in college or about to be in college, if you have questions about a major use this flair.

Advice Whether giving or asking for advice this is the flair to use.

Experience Put your profession in the title and use this flair to answer questions about your industry.

Meta Use this flair if you would like to talk to the community here about the community itself.

Suggestion Use this flair if you have a suggestion for either the community or the mods.

Complaint Use this flair if you have a problem with either the community or the subreddit.

Inspired by this post and this comment.

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When you do not know your path forward or when you feel lost depression and anxiety is a natural response. Unemployment or feeling listless can be a temporary state, suicide and self harm is permanent. There are resources to help if you find yourself feeling like there is no way out, /r/suicidewatch has many users who have been right where you are and can help. If you need immediate help please call the National Suicide Hotline, 1-800-273-8255.

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