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Welcome to /r/FindaReddit!

Having trouble finding the reddit you need? Post what you're looking for and someone can kindly suggest a reddit for you!

Rules & Guidelines

Please see the full list of rules & guidelines.

  1. Don't be a jerk. This applies to everyone. Derogatory/insulting comments and posts are subject to removal.

  2. You must post a clear, easy to understand request for a subreddit. There are certain technical exceptions to this that will arise on a case-by-case basis but if your post is asking for anything other than a subreddit, or if the request is very confusing or unclear, it may be removed.

  3. NSFW Posts are not allowed unless you have made a request in /r/NSFW411 and they were unable to answer your question. Moderators will remove NSFW posts at their discretion.

  4. No posting of personal information or requests for personal information of anyone else (Including location).

  5. Do not suggest only that the user should use search engines. Our users are here for our help, not sarcastic responses that they should do it themselves. If you have nothing else to say other than to check a search engine, please refrain from commenting and leave the thread to others to assist with.

  6. Absolutely no joke or troll suggestions. Those that suggest sarcastic, off-topic, trolling or purely incorrect subreddits to those that are genuinely seeking help may be temporarily banned without warning.

  7. No Spam - spammers / clickbaiters will be swiftly removed.


Use these tools to help you find a subreddit before you make a request.


When someone's found a subreddit that fits your criteria, you may either thank them in reply which will automatically flair your post, or you may flair your post manually.

How do I flair my post?

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Need More Help?

Please message the mods with your request, and we'll get back to you as soon as we can.

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