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Do you enjoy Firefox and the open web?

Get involved and stay informed.

Have you seen a misuse of Mozilla brands?



  • Before posting:

  • 1) Run through basic troubleshooting

  • 2) Search for your issue on Google, and use the search bar on /r/Firefox

  • Guidelines:

  • 1) Use the "flair" link under your submission to mark it as "Help", then as "Solved" when a solution is found.

  • 2) Provide basic technical information such as your operating system, which version of Firefox you are on, and which addons you have installed. This information can be found here.

  • 3) Use a descriptive title - someone browsing may know the answer but would have never opened your post

  • 4) Do not be hostile - you will find that oftentimes people will be less likely to help someone who is openly hostile over a minor change, or threatens to switch browsers. You are asking for help, try to act like it.

  • After Posting:

  • No luck? Try Mozilla's official help site, (SUMO)

  • Solved? Remember to flair your post as solved to help others with the same problem.

  • Found a bug? Master the art of filing bugs on Bugzilla.

Release downloads

  • You can see the release calendar here:
    MozillaWiki: RapidRelease/Calendar

  • Main releases

  • Firefox

  • Mobile phone & tablets

  • These are the main releases for Windows, macOS, Linux, Android, FxOS, and iOS. Best for most users.
  • Want 64-bit? Get it here!

  • Pre-release releases

  • Beta

  • Developer Edition

  • Nightly

  • Pre-release builds intended for testing new features, in order of most-stable to least, and most frequently update to least.

  • Developer Edition comes tuned for web developer's needs and with a custom theme.

  • Nightly updates every night.

  • Other releases

  • Extended Support Release

  • Unbranded builds

  • Extended Support Release or ESR is intended for organizations, and is a build rarely given new features, but regularly updated for security.

  • Unbranded builds are meant for extension and addon developers.

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