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Judge redditors based solely on a picture

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/r/firstimpression is a subreddit where you can post a picture of yourself and based solely on this picture, the rest of us will make whatever assumptions come to mind.

Once some guesses come in on your age, where you live, your tastes in music, movies, sports, hobbies, cars, your job, your upbringing, your dream job, political views, or any other assumption that can be made, feel free to tell everyone how right or wrong they were.


  • Be respectful

  • Report trolls using the report button

Do Not:

  • Post racist remarks

  • Be creepy or a troll

  • Insult people

  • Post personal information about yourself, or others.

And please remember, this community is not a "hot or not" page. Don't just comment on a users attractiveness, try to make a guess about who they are. That's the fun part!! If you are interested in finding out how hot you are, try /r/amiugly. If you want to guess your fellow Redditers name, check out the new subreddit /r/guessmyname.

Have fun!

Some users have been uploading pictures via facebook, its safer to use imgur!

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