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A casual place for serious discussion.

/r/Flicks is a place to have serious discussion of film in a more laid back manner. In other words, think of it as a gap between /r/Movies and /r/Truefilm.



1. Civility will be enforced harshly. Personal attacks will not be tolerated. Discuss the issue, or hit "report" on a comment and let the mods deal with abusive users. No sexism, racism, insults, or other attacks.

2. Be thoroughly descriptive in your submission title. Do not leave out the name of the film or actor you want to talk about. Clickbait titles will be removed.

3. Do not submit content that you yourself don't want to discuss. If you have more link karma than comment karma, this might not be the best subreddit for you.

4. All image and gif submissions will be removed. If you would like to discuss either, please include it within a self-post.

5. Top-level comments must be a minimum length of 100 characters or will be automatically and immediately removed by AutoModerator.

6. Please make an effort to explain your answers. Do not leave comments of just a movie's title, an actor or character name, etc.

7. Consider this "BETA mode." Rules will be created based on the posting behavior of our users.

8. Please refrain from making posts simply asking for movie recommendations. /r/MovieSuggestions exists for this purpose; please direct these types of posts there.

9. No 'name a [x]' threads, i.e. posts that simply ask people to list a movie, actor, genre, etc.

/r/flicks Theater Schedule (Dates may vary)

Date | Time (EST) |Film ---|---|---- || --- /r/flicks Theater is located at Any non-listed theater showings will be announced by text post prior to the showing.




For leaked info about upcoming movies, twist endings, or anything else spoileresque, please use the following method (leave the quotes in): >[Star Wars spoilers](#s "Yoda gets Darth Vader pregnant")

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