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FoodHacks - Food Hacks - Pictorials, tips and much more! Knowledge is POWER in the kitchen!

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Food Hack - a relatively simple unconventional trick that aids in the preparation, cooking time, presentation, nutrition or resulting taste of a dish.

Food hacks is a place to share quick and simple tips on making food that has more flavor, more nutritional value, or both! Share your food hacks by posting a pictorial, image or self post.

The Rules:

  1. Titles should be descriptive.
  2. Image posts should be concise.
  3. A recipe itself does not constitute a food hack. Use another subreddit for those.
  4. If you've tried out some recently popular hack and want to post your results, post them as a comment to the original tip thread.
  5. Product advertisement, even the passive kind, is not allowed. If we suspect it's happening in a roundabout way, we will act.
  6. List posts are discouraged. If you're going to post one, give it a title based on one of the hacks and if possible link directly to that entry. Vague formulaic titles will result in removal.
  7. Clearly label any hacks regarding presentation of food with [Plating] or [Presentation]
  8. Infographics and other quick informational reference ARE allowed.
  9. User harassment is forbidden.
  10. Blogspam will be removed subjectively.

We have link flair now! Make sure to tag any posts as needed.

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