Forced Orgasms

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For when you have it and you don't have a choice!

What is a forced orgasm?

For the purposes of this subreddit, any orgasm in which the person having it does not control the duration, intensity or moment of orgasm is considered "forced". However, the moderation team has discretion over whether or not linked content is "forced" or not. Bondage is not a mandatory part of content on this sub.

Acceptable content types

  • Video
  • Images
  • Text
  • Meta

Rules for video posts

Videos must link to their original source if possible. Any sites which are found to host malicious content of any kind will have their domain banned from this sub.

Linking to sources which are behind a paywall is not allowed.

Links to video must be to the desktop version of the site. Links to the mobile version of a site are not permitted.

Rules for image posts

When submitting images, the content must be on an approved image host or it will be marked spam.

For most images, is the preferred host. For images too large to host on imgur, is the preferred host. The complete list of acceptable image hosts is:

Rules for text posts

Text posts must be directly related to forced orgasms in some way. This could include (but is not limited to):

  • A personal story about forced orgasms
  • A fictional story about forced orgasms (if the story is not yours, link to it)
  • A question about the topic related to technique or experience for real life play
  • An educational topic based on experience and knowledge

Rules for meta posts

Meta posts (posts about the sub itself) must start with the [META] tag in the title. Meta posts should promote discussion about a specific concern, idea or question, and cannot be a general discussion of all topics related to this subreddit.

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