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Forced Orgasms

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For when you have it and you don't have a choice!

What is a forced orgasm?

For the purposes of this subreddit, any orgasm in which the person having it does not control the duration, intensity or moment of orgasm is considered "forced". However, the moderation team has discretion over whether or not linked content is "forced" or not. Bondage is not a mandatory part of content on this sub.

Acceptable content types

  • Video
  • Images

Rule 1. Video submissions

Videos must link to their original source if possible. Automoderator will remove all video submissions from blacklisted domains. If you feel a domain should be allowed, contact us.

Linking to sources which are behind a paywall is not allowed.

Links to video must be to the desktop version of the site. Links to the mobile version of a site are not permitted.

Rule 2. Image submissions

When submitting images, the content must be on an approved image host or it will removed.

For most images, is the preferred host. For images too large to host on imgur, is the preferred host. The complete list of acceptable image hosts is:

Rule 3. Requests

Requesting any video, or any source in title of submission is NOT allowed and repeated offense will result in temporary ban.

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