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Read the rules here carefully before posting!

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>General Rules (breaking any of them is a bannable offence)

Posts and Comments:

  • No free work

  • Obnoxiously low budgets and offers (anything under $10/hr) are not allowed.

  • Nothing illegal in the US.

  • No asking or offering to mislead someone else.

  • No affiliate/referral/job board links.

  • No buying/selling comments/likes/tweets/etc.

  • No usage of bots to contact users for any purpose (you and your business will be blacklisted).


  • Do not post more than once per 7 days unless your [Hiring] ad is for a different position

  • Low quality posts will be removed

  • Paid and unpaid internships go here

  • No academic dishonesty

  • No image-only posts (posts must be selftext)


  • No 'PM sent', 'email sent' or '$bid' type comments

  • No personal attacks/ad hominem arguments

>[Hire a Redditor]([Hiring]%20(Location%20OR%20Online)%20Title%20Goes%20Here&text=Put%20a%20job%20description,%20location%20in%20the%20title%20if%20applicable,%20and%20how%20you%20want%20to%20be%20contacted%20here.)

If you're Hiring:

  • Preface with [Hiring] (click the green "Hire a Redditor" button; don't use the "submit" buttons)

  • Put basics in the title: What's the job? Where is it located? etc.

  • Be specific. Include a job description, requirements etc. in the top text

  • Pay in currency, not in equity or barter

  • No bounties/competitions/speculative work – see here

  • Consider including a required keyword in your post to weed out the spammers and people who didn't read your ad

  • Do not include any EEOC protected statuses

  • No commission based jobs unless you offer a base salary ($10/h or more)

  • Consider listing a budget

  • No asking students to blog about your company on an .edu domain

>Get Hired

If you want to be hired:

  • Preface with [For Hire] (click the green "Get Hired" button; don't use the "submit" button)

  • Account must be older than 10 days and have more than 50 combined link/comment karma

  • Put basics in the title: What do you do? Where can you do it? etc.

  • Be specific – include a portfolio or resume (or a link to one) in the top text

  • Do not use personal stories as a leverage to get hired

  • Single freelancers only – teams and agencies should post at /r/b2bforhire


  • Lists for employers and employees: Local Listings / Field Listings

  • Mods will absolutely not facilitate any communication or resolve disputes – post feedback about OP in /r/testimonials

  • Much of the communication happens via pm, so don't be discouraged if you don't see a lot of public commenting

  • Consider using escrow service for payments

  • Click 'flair' under your link to update things

  • Do not run software from strangers unless you are certain you can trust them. Use the proper tools if unsure

  • How to protect yourself when working as or hiring a freelancer

  • Designers, check out /r/designjobs

  • You might be interested in /r/jobs, /r/freelance, /r/resumes, /r/remotejs, or /r/hireawriter. If you like virtual currency, try /r/jobs4bitcoins or /r/jobs4dogecoins. There's also /r/jobs4crypto

  • We will not sticky stuff, even for cash

  • URL shorteners are insta-spammed. You should get a bot notification if you submit any but if you happen to submit one that the bot doesn't cover, we are unlikely to approve it. Just make a new post or comment

  • Take a look at our list of satisfied candidates and managers!

  • [Freelance jobs] Type prospective employee/employer names into the search box above to find reviews, also search in /r/testimonials


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