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>Hire a Redditor

if you're hiring:

  • Preface with [hiring] (click green button above)

  • put basics in the headline. what's the job? where is it located? etc.

  • be specific. include a job description (or a link to one), requirements etc. in the top text.

  • indicate how you would like interested parties to follow up. pm? email? phone?

  • pay in currency, not in equity or barter. no "pro bono". more info

  • No bounties/competitions/speculative work. See

  • paid and unpaid internships go here

  • No asking students to blog about your company (buying "backlinks") on a .edu domain, it doesn't work.

  • try crossposting to a local forhire subreddit too

  • do not discriminate against any EEOC protected statuses

  • [one time projects] consider listing a budget (more info)

  • No academic dishonesty (e.g. requests for papers to be written on your behalf), hit report if you see one

  • [click here](/r/forhire/submit?title=[Hiring]+(Location OR Online) Title+Goes+Here&text=Put+a+job+description,+location+in+the+title+if+applicable,+and+how+you+want+to+be+contacted+here.) to post your Hiring thread

  • [freelance jobs] type prospective employee names into the searchbox above to find reviews, also search in /r/testimonials

  • [freelance jobs] consider using an escrow service to store payment until project completion

  • No [Hiring] posts about buying comments/likes/etc. on youtube or similar social sites.

>Get Hired

if you want to be hired:

  • preface with [for hire] (click green button above)

  • put the basics in the headline. what do you do? where can you do it? etc.

  • be specific. include a portfolio or resume (or a link to one) in the top text.

  • no more than once per 7 days

  • do not use personal stories as a leverage to get hired

  • do not include any EEOC protected statuses

  • indicate how you would like interested parties to follow up. pm? email? phone?

  • This is a job board, not a billboard. Please think about if your post is appropriate. No B2B

  • click here to post your For Hire thread


  • No B2B (Biz 2 Biz, See /r/B2BForHire). For Hire does not mean like a taxi. It means like a person who wants someone to hire them to do a job. The original intent of the subreddit was connecting freelancers to gigs, not companies to clients.

  • Nothing illegal in the US, even if you're not in the US, because reddit is bound by US laws. If you think it might be illegal, assume it is. If you're not sure, feel free to message the mods.

  • As a rule, the mods will not facilitate any communication or resolve disputes.

  • adult oriented (cam girl, etc) jobs go in /r/NSFWforhire, see 1 and 2

  • much of the communication with submitters is via pm, so don't be discouraged if you don't see a lot of public commenting!

  • URL shorteners (like bitly) = insta-spammed, so don't use them

  • click 'flair' by your link to update things

  • How to protect yourself when working as or hiring a freelancer

  • you look nice in that shirt

  • designers, check out /r/designjobs

  • you might be interested in /r/jobs, /r/freelance, /r/resumes, /r/remotejs, /r/internships or /r/hireawriter. If you like virtual currency, try /r/jobs4bitcoins or /r/jobs4dogecoins. There's also /r/jobs4crypto.

  • we will not sticky your post, not even for cash

  • Last meta post discussing these rules was here


See: /r/testimonials

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