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For Honor

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Welcome to the For Honor subreddit!

Available on PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4

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For Honor Subreddit Discord

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Official For Honor Website

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Competitive For Honor

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For Honor Wiki Thanks - /u/CrsBrianna


FHL's Wolf Den|Every Sunday (1v1 ALL) | :---|:---:| Microsoft Store LAN Tourney|May 11th, 18th; June 17-18 (2v2 XBOX)| For Glory 4v4|May 28th PC| ESL Tournaments (EU ONLY ALL PLATFORMS)|ESL Tournament League| Defend the North (Note: LAN Tourney)|July 28-30 (1v1 and 2v2)|

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We're all understanding here, but please try to use common sense and help us out by following these rules.

  • Rule 1: Please do not post low quality memes/reaction gif style content. Those can be posted over at /r/forhonormemes. Your post must be relevant and related to for honor in more than just the title. if you post such content, it will be removed

  • Rule 2: Follow the reddiquette! This includes down-voting a post if you dislike or disagree with it.

  • Rule 3: Also the Guidelines to Self-Promotion aka 10% Rule.

  • Rule 4: No links to 3rd party game re-sellers. For example: G2A, Kinguin, CDkeys, etc (Only approved Ubisoft Vendors are allowed: Approved Vendors).

  • Rule 5: No Reposting of older posts/topics just to bump them back up to the top w/o prior permission from the Mods.

  • Rule 6: Try to keep on topic with the game. off topic posts will be removed

  • Rule 7: Use a descriptive title for your post. Choose a proper "Flair" for your post!

  • Rule 8: Don't flame or troll anyone.

  • Rule 9: In addition to the rule for harassment, bullying and threatening found Here We don't condone witch hunting or any forms or acts relating/regarding to it. Witch hunting is "Zero Tolerance" YOU WILL BE BANNED IF YOU WITCHUNT. CONSIDER THIS YOUR ONLY WARNING.

  • Rule 10: Don't use hateful language (racism, sexism, homophobia, etc "Zero tolerance").

  • Rule 11: Don't share any personally identifiable information like: full names, addresses, phone numbers, Gamertags, PSNs, Uplays etc. (Hint: block out the names!)

  • Rule 12: Don't post Not Safe For Work (NSFW) content of sexual nature.

  • Rule 13: All "Discussion Balance" posts must be tagged with either [PC], [XB1], or [PS4] in the title so PC and Console players don't get confused; posts without these tags will be removed.

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