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A few community suggestions:

  • Please only submit content that fits the spirit of this subreddit (Something grandma FWD'd to you, shared with Facebook, cut out and put on her fridge, etc) and try to start submissions with, "FWD" or any variation thereof.

  • No lazy posts. That includes Trump or right-winger tweets or Reddit posts. Content should give off a "Grandma shared this" vibe. It should be more than just right-winger content.

  • No satire please, even if the joke goes over your Grandma's head.

  • No "liberal grandma" posts. Your grandma may be liberal but that doesn't mean her posts fit here.

  • Do not put offensive slurs in the title. Not everybody wants to see racial slurs on their front page.

  • Cover up names and pictures of content posted by non-public figures.

  • Don't worry about re-posting something. Grandma has a bad memory anyway. Just don't do it intentionally for karma, please.

  • No novelty accounts, troll accounts, or novelty bots. Please report them!

  • Please use your inside voices and be respectful to each other or face time-out. You're allowed to have an unpopular opinion, just don't be a dick. No personal attacks.

  • No linking to /r/forwardsfromgrandma in brigade subs.

  • Don't link to posts in other subreddits, especially Conservative or the_donald. We ask that you respect those safe spaces.

  • No Nazis.

Non-negotiable rules:


  • Must speak AMERICAN

  • Must love AMERICA (or you can get out)

  • Call your grandma

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