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FPV Racing

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> ### RULES

> 1) No advertising >Don't link to or promote a product without first messaging the mods. If we think the post is appropriate for the subreddit, we'll give you the green light to post it.

>2) Be nice >This doesn't mean you can't disagree or argue. Just be civil and abstain from personal insults.

>3) No memes or joke posts >There are numerous other subreddits for sharing that kind of content.

>4) Posts must be relevant to racing

>High-speed freestyle videos are permitted, as the skills and equipment are transferable. For other types of content, visit r/fpv or r/multicopter.

>5) No blogspamming

>Users may link to their own blog or website a maximum of once per week, including posts and comments.

>6) No low-effort posts

>Make your title specific when asking a question, add details to your post, and try using Google before asking a question.

>7) No "giveaways" or requests to like/visit your social media page

>This subreddit is for sharing quality content and discussions, not promoting your social media pages or building your brand.

>8) No meta posts

>Please message the mods with suggestions for the subreddit.

>9) No "Is anyone in this location" posts

>These posts will be irrelevant to a vast majority of subscribers.

>10) No simulator videos or livestreams

>The only exception is demo videos of new simulators.

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